Maniscalco, the Australian-rooted designer and wholesaler of high-quality glass, stone and metal decorative tiles, has expanded its exclusive Opera Line Collection with the release of the Bennelong Point Cube Series.

The Opera Line of mosaic tiles by Maniscalco makes available a series of designer products with flexibility and function, bringing a combination of sophisticated old world and modern contemporary design elements together, resulting in a versatile series of highly fashionable products.

"Cubes" is the first of three in the new Bennelong Point Series, named after a piece of land located on the tip of the eastern arm of Sydney Cove on which the Sydney Opera House was built. In the early 1790s, the Aborigine Bennelong -- employed as a cultural interlocutor by the British -- persuaded New South Wales Governor Arthur Phillip to build a brick hut for him on the point, giving it its name.

The Bennelong Point Cube Series merges contemporary form with limitless design and adds new dimension to any vertical installation. The blended color presentations -- Carrara, Thala Grey and Foussana Grey -- combine natural marble, timber grain marble and crystal glass in a unique geometric design with three-dimensional properties; all colors are available in 10 1/2- x 12-inch sheet sizes. The Bennelong Point Cube Series can also be vertically installed outdoors though it is non-submersible.

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