Marazzi USA has announced that its recently introduced wood plank series, American Heritage, has been renamed American Estates™. The product itself, initiallyMarazzi renames wood plank series to American Estates launched in the summer of 2012, has undergone no changes and maintains its artisanal feel of hand-scraped, hand-oiled hardwood.

"The only change you will see with this product line is the name change to American Estates™," said Hector Narvaez, Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Marazzi USA. "Customers will still find the same beautiful, quality American-made product in American Estates™ -- just with a different name on the packaging."

The new name more accurately reflects the distinctive look and feel of the product, bringing to mind the authentic wood floors found in grand estates throughout the centuries.

"The name American Estates™ denotes the long heritage of flooring seen years ago and will continue to be seen for years to come," said Narvaez. "This striking product is timeless."

The trendy and artisanal feel of hand-scraped, hand-oiled hardwood is authentically reproduced on a strong and durable porcelain body that withstands rigors -- water, stains, scratches, freezing conditions -- that are often the nemesis of real wood. Rustic, Old-World charm translated to color body porcelain geared for modern-day lifestyles -- that's American Estates™.

Shipping cartons and website changes regarding the name change have already taken effect. All existing product information regarding coloring, sku numbers, packaging, weights and merchandising elements have remained the same.

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