For granite, marble, all natural stones, engineered stones and quartz countertops, Weha has taken steel rodding and encapsulated it with eight-strand, premium, true-grade fiberglass and then reinforced it with carbon fiberglass. By having the steel rodding, which is 1/8 inches x 3/8 inches x 330 feet — Roll #133229 — completely enclosed in the carbon fiber, there is virtually no chance of rust from the steel, like traditional steel rodding, according to Weha.

The triple layer granite rodding material produces incredible strength superior to standard steel rodding, without the worry of rust. Additionally, the Weha steel carbon fiberglass rodding is specifically designed with multiple grooves that run the length of each side of the rodding. These adhesive grooves are made to allow maximum locking bond and adhesion to the glue. This adds additional strength to the steel carbon fiberglass rodding. Because the Weha steel carbon fiberglass rodding uses true premium-grade fiberglass (not extruded plastic in the shape of rodding), the glue bonds to the fiberglass.