RUTHERFORD, NJ -- Indo American, one of the largest distributors of natural stones in the tristate area, recently celebrated their 10th anniversary at the Renaissance in Rutherford, NJ. About 160 people attended the function, including major customers and vendors.

In her opening speech, CFO Usha Devraj gave a brief note of the manner in which the company took off 10 years ago, and how it progressed from there. It was an excellent starting point for the event, as she described how the business took off from the basement of their home in Flushing, NY, and eventually turned into a multi-million dollar business.

In an inspiring speech, company vice president, Ganpat N. Aiyar, talked about how he joined the company six years ago and shared a secret of Indo Americans growth. "We don't worry about making the right decisions," he said. "We simply keep making decisions first and then keep making them right."

Company CEO Devraj N. Aiyar announced that the goal of Indo American was not to be leaders in the stone distribution business, but a company that served the cause of humanity. "We would like to leave behind a legacy, by which Indo American would be known for its philanthropy more, and less as distributors of stones," he explained. "Competing companies are the ones that keep us focused, alert and more importantly, maintaining our price levels."