Phil Woodruff of Schluter-Systems was recognized by the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) as the "CTI Host of the Year" at the recent Total Solutions Plus event in Savannah, GA.  The award was presented for Woodruff's efforts in developing a partnership in which CTI (Certified Tile Installer) tests are conducted at select Innovation Workshops hosted by Schluter-Systems.

The CTI program is a comprehensive testing of the skills and knowledge of experienced tile installers. Certification enables professional installers to provide industry-recognized proof of their abilities. The tests require that both the observable and non-observable characteristics of a finished installation are executed properly.

"This program is all about elevating the tile industry by formally validating the skills of qualified installers," said Woodruff. "Anything we can do to support education and better quality workmanship for tile installations is worthwhile."

Scott Carothers, Director of Certification and Training at CTEF said, "Industry partnerships are extremely important to us at CTEF, so having an education partner like Schluter makes our program stronger and ultimately brings more benefit to the installers."

For more information about the CTI program, go to or call (864) 222-2131.