Led by president, Matthew Karlin, the New York-based Nemo Tile team is excited to officially welcome Kate Flanagan as marketing director.

Previously the marketing team leader at Whole Foods Market, Flanagan joined Nemo Tile in July. She will spearhead marketing efforts branding and all communications at Nemo Tile. As Nemo Tile has been known for three generations as the go-to source for tile and porcelain surfacing products, she will play a key role in identifying new opportunities as they move into new business markets within the coming year.

?"Matt's enthusiasm for his business? was contagious," said Flanagan when explaining why she decided to join Nemo Tile. "As I began to learn more about the company and meet with the team, I realized everyone is genuinely happy to be working here and are passionate about what they are doing. You just don't find that culture everywhere.

"Another selling point for me is Nemo's commitment on the customer experience," she went on to say. "As a marketing professional, I have learned that you can have the best product out there?, but if service and operations are poor then you're fighting a losing battle."

Flanagan has eight years of experience working in marketing, communications and advertising. She began her career at an advertising agency in 2006, growing from an account executive, to assistant strategist, a role that allowed her to dive into the thought processes behind informing a creative team. In 2010, she joined Whole Foods Market as a marketing team leader, translating the brand's story throughout all its physical and digital outreach. She received a degree in Psychology from Syracuse University.