NEW YORK, NY -- Nemo Tile, a New York-based provider of top performing surface materials, is now stocking stone products across the five company showrooms for the first time in its 95-year history. The new division of stone collections builds upon the recent expansion of Nemo's offerings, positioning the company as the go-to distributor for both tile and stone.

The debut line, "Think Thin," is composed of natural stone panels cut at a delicate 1/2-inch thickness, making the products lighter weight and less expensive than traditional stone slabs. The company's third generation CEO and President, Matt Karlin, says the line marks a new direction for Nemo Tile. "We've built a reputation of reliability and consistency, and want to continue to provide our customers with the best products available," he said. "Thanks to the thinner panels of a revolutionary new product like Think Thin, we are now able to offer designers and homeowners the best of stone the same way we've provided them tile for nearly a century."

Though marble slabs have traditionally maintained a 3/4-inch thickness, advances in technology allow for Think Thin slabs to be cut at a mere 1/2-inch-thick. The stone tiles are available in sizes up to 4 x 4 feet and are durable, remaining intact from quarry to installer just like traditional slabs. The reduced thickness dramatically decreases the weight of stone shipments, which in turn decreases the cost and manpower required for both shipping and installation.

"When a designer or homeowner installs a wall of stone in a master bath, or an office entryway, they had to buy these huge, thick slabs that come with major installation fees," said Karlin. "These thinner slabs allow for better cut stones that are more visually appealing -- and cost significantly less."

The Think Thin line is available in 12 classic stone colorways and in polished, honed and brushed finishes, offering a variety of textures and styles. The stone can be installed inside or outside, on both floors and vertical surfaces.

"Right now, stone is becoming increasingly popular in metropolitan locations, including New York," said Karlin. "Our customers love the versatility of stone because there are many colors and textures to choose from, and customization is easier than with ceramic and porcelain, which are bound to their preconfigured dimensions. People have been using stone in bathrooms for some time, but now they are implementing it in other environments ranging from commercial to residential applications. For example, textured hexagons are perfect for feature walls, and stone slabs work nicely for counter and even table tops."

Finished panels are in stock at Nemo Tile's five showrooms throughout New York and Philadelphia, PA, and soon, Nemo Tile's first showroom in New Jersey, which will open in Red Bank in January 2017.

Think Thin is available in 24- x 24-, 36- x 36- and 48- x 48-inch square slabs and 24- x 36- and 24- x 48-inch rectangles at a 1/2-inch thickness, with additional sizes at a traditional 3/4-inch thickness. Following the release of Think Thin, Nemo Tile will introduce Lavagna -- a new natural stone collection featuring neutral, pastel and dark tones that will bring a new palette to contemporary design. For more information, visit