LEXINGTON, KY -- In announcing the release of its latest product, AlavaHDP High Definition Porcelain, Florida Tile has established another unique concept, this one combining a stone and a wood look in a single product line.

"The Alavaline is named after a region in Northwestern Spain known for its rugged rocky landscape and for the tradition of being one of the most productive logging centers of southern Europe," said Sean Cilona, Director of Marketing for Florida Tile. "Not only does Alava reflect that rugged stone-and-wood persona, it also establishes a unique new concept for the American tile industry by marring two completely different materials into a single line."

According to Cilona, "The concept is perfect for breaking up a space with different but complementing textures while at the same time keeping a cohesive color scheme."

AlavaHDP is comprised of three contemporary colors (grays and browns) called, Cottage, Lodge and Villa, and each color is presented in four formats (12 x 12, 12 x 24, 6 x 24 and 8 x 36 inches).

"The 12- x 12- and 12- x 24-inch tiles are composed of a roughly hewn stone graphic with a high shade variation and a slightly distressed surface texture," said Cilona. "The 6- x 24- and 8- x 36-inch sizes carry the same color tones as the stone, but are presented in a rustic reclaimed wood that is complete with nail holes, worn-in stains and a soft wood grain texture."

AlavaHDP is made in the U.S. of 40% pre-consumer recycled content, is Greenguard® and Porcelain Tile Certified, and meets the new DCOF AcuTest requirements to be installed in wet areas.