Cosentino, the global leader in natural stone, quartz, recycled and architectural surfacing, has enhanced its arsenal of digital tools for designers, fabricators and homeowners with the launch of three new online tools intended to optimize the product selection and customization experience. The new Cosentino Digital Warehouse gives fabricators a digital library of slabs that can be previewed with clients before specification. The Cosentino HD Home Viewer and the Cosentino 3D Home simulator allow users to digitally customize a variety of environments by manipulating the various architectural and design elements that influence a room’s appearance.

“Cosentino is committed to equipping our partners with technologically advanced tools that efficiently present their customers with customized previews of Cosentino products,” said Lorenzo Marquez, Vice President of Marketing for Cosentino, North America. “This new generation of environment simulators and slab digitalization tools will certainly enhance the level of customization and design capabilities for our surfacing.”

Powered by SlabSmith software, the Cosentino Digital Warehouse allows fabricators and specifiers to directly order a specific slab of granite or marble online by accessing images of available inventory from Sensa and Scalea, Cosentino’s natural stone surfaces. The online tool provides precise measurements of each slab; autocorrects all images for distortions and lighting consistency; and notes any imperfections — outlining the usable area of the slab. Users can filter by specific size or application requirements to ensure material consistency and minimized waste in the fabrication process. Slabs can be applied to kitchen layout templates to create a preview of how it will appear installed. By viewing the slab’s precise patterns and veining the best approach for placing seams, appliances or fixtures can be determined before ordering the desired slab through the Digital Warehouse.

This unique level of customization is a benefit for fabricators and designers that has not been previously available and will extend to other Cosentino products in the future. Specifiers can access the Digital Warehouse platform by coordinating directly with their sales representative or local Cosentino Center.

For design inspiration, designers and homeowners have two new online tools to access. The Cosentino 3D Home simulator, created exclusively for use on iPads, allows users to customize the elements of six different environments, including a modern kitchen, a classic kitchen, an outdoor kitchen, two bathrooms and an exterior space where Dekton may be applied to the facade. The technology of the app provides multiple viewing angles and lighting scenarios, as well as real-time, 3D movement throughout the room and camera zoom capabilities to see the details of the surfaces. Designs can be saved in a library for editing or shared via social media. Cosentino 3D Home is available through the iTunes app store.