CARRARA, ITALY — Promotion work continues and the list of exhibitors grows for the special edition of Marmotec, scheduled from June 18 to 21, 2015, in collaboration with the Tuscan Regional Government for the World Exposition Milano 2015, Italy. Show organizers are working hard to develop a completely new format. The show hours will run from 4 to 10 p.m., and it is now a high summer event as its dates have been brought forward by approximately a month.

The new format of Marmotec offers exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Visitors can discover the large number of techno-stone companies and prestigious art workshops at the exhibition and in the surrounding area.
Additionally, they can travel to the nearby white marble quarries for which a bus service will be provided during the exhibition. Further tourist attractions focus on the landscape, wine, food and culture that place Tuscany among the most popular Italian regions in the world.

“This is how CarraraFiere and the Tuscan Regional Government are combining forces to promote Marmotec, a wide-reaching exhibition showing excellence in the stone industry — an industry chosen to be part of the Expo in Milan,” stated Fabio Felici, Chairman of IMM-CarraraFiere. “Confirming the value of the event, the Tuscan Regional Government is including our marble and technology exhibition in its tourism packages to enjoy the territory too. Despite new elements like the evening opening hours and entertainment to make the visit more enjoyable, Carrara 2015 is primarily a business event — an exhibition featuring the best companies in the stone industry along with the most innovative technology producers and attracting designers, architects and engineers.”

Carrara 2015 is held at a special moment for the Italian industry. In the first nine months of 2014, the industry exported marble and granite, as raw materials and finished products, for a total value of Euro with finished marble products recording an increase of +4,5% compared to the first nine months of  2013, for a value of 677.6 million Euro. The leading two districts in Italy, the Apuo-Versilian district and the Venetian district, accounted for 63% of the value of exports of finished stone products in Italy. The Tuscan district, which is hosting Carrara 2015 Marmotec Expo edition, recorded finished product exports for 346.5 million Euro, while the Venetian district recorded 340 million Euros. These figures emphasize the importance of the industry, and consequently make a visit to the event worthwhile.

While the leading companies in the industry are signing up, CarraraFiere is working on the content of the exhibition, in particular the organization of numerous delegations for B2B meetings reserved for exhibitors in both the technology sector – with buyers of stone companies interested in the purchase of machinery – and in the stone sector, with invitations sent to contractors and importers, involving: Russia, China, North Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Brazil, the U.S., India, in collaboration with the ICE, Toscana Promozione and Chambers of Commerce.

Work with the National Council of Architects has also been stepped up. The latter has confirmed its willingness to organize an important national event for its members at Carrara 2015, in addition to a high-level conference with the participation of an internationally renowned architect and technical seminars that, offering training credits to participants, will ensure a strong presence of active figures in the world of architecture.

There will be other major conferences on the subject of design and not only, with focus in particular on state-of-the-art technology, to show how excellent up-to-date technology is the primary tool for processing materials — making possible even the most daring experiments and designs.

As is the tradition for Carrara, there will also be moments of discussion and updating on technical issues for mining engineers, geologists and other professionals who work in the field and help to make it competitive. Among the new features of this edition is the launch of two new design competitions for students and professionals on the use of marble in the kitchen, furnishings and urban spaces, and the exhibition Expo Stone Awards, a “special edition” for the famous Marble Architectural Awards too, focusing on the most beautiful Italian works showing the use of marble and natural stone.