HOUSTON, TX -- International Stoneworks, a natural stone restoration and maintenance business, has launched its new app. The app focuses on providing users with the best care and maintenance methods for natural stone, tile and grout.

The app, which is developed for the Windows platform, provides user-friendly navigation that not only homeowners, but also building managers and engineers will find to be a very useful tool. The app is meant to educate users and give the proper methods to clean, polish and seal stone and tile surfaces, while providing a dynamic user experience. It is structured with a fresh look and easy-to-use features such as stone, tile and grout maintenance tips, best-selling products, striking before and after photos and an extensive FAQ section.

Users will also be able to view a live Facebook feed, another resource that is designed to help answer customer's stone restoration and maintenance questions.

The International Stoneworks App can be accessed using Widows PC, tablets and Windows phone.

"We are happy to provide users with a tool that helps them take care of their stone investments," said Rawi Tabbah, International Stoneworks President. "We are proud of the International Stoneworks app and feel that it is not only another way for us to connect with our customers, but also an innovative program that is groundbreaking for the stone restoration industry."