Recently, I was invited to San Francisco to visit a new design studio for Daltile and Mohawk Group. This is the first collaboration between the two sister brands, and the intention is to offer the design community a one-stop shop where they can view options in tile, stone and carpet, bring their clients to discuss design possibilities, and to provide a workspace that inspires design. After seeing the new studio, I have to say that it is an impressive space that is warm and inviting. It is obvious that a great deal of thought and planning went into the set-up and design.Daltile and Mohawk Group.

Daltile first launched an interactive studio like this in Dallas, TX, in 2012. It later went on to open another one in Philadelphia, PA, in May 2014. The San Francisco studio was

based on the other centers, but it was decided to take it one step further and include Mohawk's products as well.

The intention of these design studios is to offer a desirable and convenient work environment for architects and designers. Samples of tile, stone and carpet are presented in a way that makes it easy for those working there to grab products they like to see how they look together. There is room to lay swatches of carpets on the floor and to work with clients at large tables.

Those on staff at the design studios have a design background. They are not there to sell products, but rather to help architects and designers find what they are looking for and to answer any questions they have.

During my visit to the San Francisco design studio, an architect and designer were there to talk with my group. They explained that office space has become a premium in the city and the sizes of the spaces have become less. This means less room for product libraries. The design professionals agreed that a design studio such as the one offered by Daltile and Mohawk Group is a great idea and something they consider valuable.

Daltile announced that it has plans to create more of these interactive environments in the near future. The next one is scheduled to open in Miami this fall.