United Resin Corp., a custom epoxy formulator with over 44 years of experience, has introduced two new adhesive systems, one for bonding and one for knifing. The bonding system is Flex-A-Bond resin, with 185 hardener. The system boasts very strong bonding properties, a convenient two-to-one mix ratio, maximum use temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and a quick cure time with virtually no visible bond line. The knifing system, Uni-Bond ECA resin, with 190 hardener, is an opaque system which accepts all colors easily.Flex-A-Bond resin

It has a quick cure time of 15 to 20 minutes in a ¼-inch bead, one-to-one mix ratio and produces a very strong bond. With two convenient locations in Royal Oak, MI, and Mesa, AZ, it is easy to purchase directly from the manufacturer. Trained personnel can provide assistance and samples for testing and evaluation by contacting the company.