Alpha Professional Toolshas introduced the Twincur GEM-V series. A hook and loop backed version of the popular Alpha Twincur GEM, it utilizes the user-friendly snail lock adapter. Although both series allow for quick wheel changes, the Twincur GEM-V does not require wrenches to change wheels. It is available in 5-inch and 6-inch diameters to fit the most popular edge polishing machines.
alpha professional tools

Alpha Professional Tools introduces the Twincur GEM-V series. 

In addition, the Alpha Twincur GEM-V comes with a newly developed final polishing wheel called “Tsuya,” which creates the highest, monument-quality polish on the most difficult stones, including Absolute Black granite. Tsuya is available with the snail lock adapter system for use with both connection system types.

The Alpha Twincur GEM-V is designed to polish straight and beveled edges of granite, engineered stone, quartz surfaces, marble, limestone, concrete and crystallized glass and porcelain slabs, thereby simplifying choices when selecting a polishing system.

The Alpha Twincur GEM-V is recommended by Cosentino as a Dekton polishing system for all Dekton collections throughout global markets.