Related Wisconsin stone companies Valders Stone & Marble, Inc. and Eden Stone Co. announced that they have reached the five-year mark for “no lost time injuries/accidents.”

The companies, through the safe work practices of their employees and solid safety compliance efforts, have accomplished a milestone. The stone quarry and fabrication operation employs a workforce that is required to move, handle, cut, shape and package stone that weighs 160 to 170 pounds per cubic foot on a daily basis. This means that the crews need to drill, chisel, snap, grind, cut, load and unload tons of stone per day. The cut and snapped edges of the super-hard Type III dolomitic limestone and Type II quartzitic sandstone are very sharp, meaning that cuts, pinches, scrapes, slips and crush type injuries could easily occur.

“Eden and Valders Stone companies have annually received awards for the safety performance of the companies,” released a statement from company management. “Safety is a very important priority in the operation of the quarries and fabrication facilities. It is essential that we protect our employees so they are able to return home healthy to their families at the end of their workday.

“We believe that all of our quality minded customers want to deal with a supplier that considers a high level of safety an important and essential part of the production of products for their use,” the statement continued. “As we push forward to achieve 2,000 days without a lost time accident or injury, we are reminded of why we try to operate safely. It is to protect our employees and their families. We are proud of their efforts and hope to build on this exemplary performance.”