Headquartered in Vail, CO, Gallegos Corporation has been servicing the residential and commercial sector for 50 years. This year commemorates the company’s Silver Anniversary. Recently, Gary Woodworth, president and chief executive officer who has been with the company for over 25 years, shared with Stone World some of his thoughts on what has contributed to Gallegos’s success.

SW: How did Gallegos first get started?

GW: 50 years ago, Gerald Gallegos built his first stone fireplace, and from there his passion for masonry, his commitment to excellence and his construction prowess bloomed. Under his guidance, the Gallegos name became synonymous with quality craftsmanship. Our craftsmen are uniquely qualified to create custom works of art in stone, masonry, stucco, plaster, concrete, marble, granite, tile and art rock for both residential and commercial construction services.

Where are you located? 

GW: Our offices are located in Vail, Aspen, Denver and Big Sky. We have expert crews that travel throughout the U.S. creating and completing high-end residences and resorts. With a combined workforce that exceeds 450 employees in the peak summer/fall construction seasons, we are able to complete any size project while maintaining our renowned craftsmanship.

What are you most proud of as a company?

GW: We are proud of our ability to work with your design team, contractor and owner in developing details and budgets. With our in-house experts and our network of consultants, our team can handle any project, staying within budget, finishing on time with stunning results. Given the opportunity, we will complete your project with unparalleled quality.

How has the company evolved over five decades?

GW: Gerald Gallegos was a very forward thinking man. He knew that diversification was key to remaining in business for the long-term viability of the company. What started out as a masonry company in a very small town in the Colorado mountains has since grown into a company that provides masonry, stone fabrication and installation, stucco and plaster and concrete work. We have offices in three regions in Colorado and one in Montana. We have also travelled to 17 states to perform work, mostly client driven requests. 

Is there something in particular you would contribute the company’s success to?

GW: A very strong knowledge of the work we perform and a commitment from the owner’s to keep the company going through difficult times. We are very employee centric in our decision-making processes and that has allowed us to weather the downturns as our employees and clients know we will keep them informed and that our decisions will take into consideration impacts that will affect others. 

What are some reasons Gallegos enjoys working in the stone industry all of these years?

GW: Challenges would be one of our top reasons. There is always something new or different that keeps our interest piqued. We work in a very high-end market and our clients are constantly challenging the norms of the industry.

In the past 50 years, are there any particular projects that come to mind as memorable?

GW: We could list hundreds. There is something memorable about nearly every project you complete – good or bad. The top two I can think of are the Ralph L. Carr Supreme Court Building in Denver, CO, and the Kansas State University Bill Snyder West Stadium Renovation in Manhattan, KS. The RLC building is a legacy project for Gallegos. The design was for a structure that will last for 100 years. It is something that future generations of Colorado construction workers, visitors and justices will marvel at. We installed the exterior granite cladding and site paving so our work will be touched by millions of hands over the course of its life span. The KSU stadium is a testament to what can happen when attention to planning, detailing and collaboration come together and the team works towards one goal – opening of the stadium nine months after construction started and after the exterior skin went through a complete design change. It was originally designed for the stone weight to be carried by structural precast but schedule and budget forced the design to change. Gallegos was brought in as a design-assist partner and helped re-design the structure so non-load bearing cast stone could be substituted for the precast. Our masons worked 40 days continuously to complete the work. We scheduled breaks for crew members but maintained a sizeable crew on-site working everyday by rotating days off. We completed 110,000 square feet of limestone veneer and the associated cast stone in a little over three months. 

What future plans does the company have?

GW: To keep the Gallegos brand relevant and, using a smart growth plan, remain as one of the top masonry and stone companies in the country by promoting and developing our future workforce.