Shree Ram Granimarmo Pvt. Ltd. (SRGM) has 17 quarries in India, including some exclusive varieties.

Coming from humble beginnings in 1985, Shree Ram Granimarmo Pvt. Ltd. (SRGM) has come a long way to become one of the leading granite processors and exporters of India.

SRGM operates as a fully integrated granite processing unit in Jalor, Rajasthan, in Northern India. The company’s Chairman is Sukh Ram Choudhary; the Director of Production and Mining is Raju Choudhary; and the Director of Marketing and Finance is Anil Choudhary.

SRGM processes more than 40 popular shades of granite in its fully automatic granite factory.

“Our mission is to be environment friendly by using latest technology and to reach the wholesaler direct from our quarries,” said Anil Bakhru, International Vice President of SRGM. “We are in the process of starting new manufacturing facilities near prominent ports in India to logistically reduce the freight/transport costs.”

SRGM owns and operates 17 quarries in India, including some exclusive varieties. All of the extraction is 100% mechanized, and the company has developed strategic quarrying processes involving advanced diamond wire sawing techniques. The quarries are located in seven different areas within the state of Rajasthan, and they yield granite, quartzite, sandstone, limestone and marble. Monthly production stands at 10,000 cubic meters per month of granite alone.

Equipment at the facility includes gangsaws from Gaspari Menotti of Italy, which are used to process blocks into raw slabs. 

In addition to material from its own quarries, SRGM brings in blocks from other parts of India, which it inspects and transports by road to the factory for processing. “Since we have leased out facilities at Bangalore, Madurai and Hyderabad, we process almost all granite from Continental India, which gives us a cutting edge in cost savings,” Bakhru said.

SRGM processes more than 40 popular shades of granite in its fully automatic granite factory. The company has all the facilities under one roof for processing tiles, slabs, vertical panels, cut-to-size pieces, countertops, steps, risers, skirting and more. 

Split material is also created from smaller blocks and remnant pieces. 

The production process involves a combination of imported machinery from Italy and Germany as well as equipment produced in India. SRGM has a combined in-house production capacity of 270,000 square feet (25,000 square meters) of slabs and tiles per month.

The factory has an experienced staff and rigorous quality-control protocols in place to ensure that the final products will exceed client expectations. “This has won SRGM wide appreciation from leading distributors, importers, exporters, architects and major contractors,” Bakhru said.

Additionally, SRGM is a five-time recipient (2004 to 2008) of honors from Capexl, a promotional organization that is sponsored by the Indian Government’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

SRGM markets its products at various stone fairs, through government initiatives, via its own warehouses and online at In the U.S., SRGM supplies material to wholesales across the country.     

A range of cut-to-size monuments are created at SRGM’s facility.

Additional Photos

Custom stonework has become a specialty of the company, and it has enacted rigorous quality-control protocols.

Pre-fabricated slab “blanks” are among the stone products processed at SRGM.

Among the colors of material processed at SRGM, stones include (from left): Antique Grey quartzite, Antique Yellow quartzite and Forest Brown.