SEAL BEACH, CA --Custom Building Productsextends its RedGard®waterproofing brand product line with the introduction of the RedGard Waterproofing Fabric Membrane system, a waterproofmembranefor walls and floors. The easy to cut, hang and adjust fabric membrane installs over cement backerboards or gypsum wall boards to prepare showers, tub surrounds, walls and wet areas for tiling.RedGard Waterproofing Fabric Membrane system

"Designed for commercial and residential applications, the RedGard Waterproofing Fabric Membrane is the latest addition to Custom's tile installation family of products and is an integral part of the Custom Shower Installation Systems line," said Ryan Brausa, Product Manager for Custom Building Products. "The new RedGard Fabric Membrane provides another option for the professional installer and contractor to choose a product that fits the needs of a particular tile installation project."

RedGard Waterproofing Fabric Membrane is installed using either modified or non-modified thin-set mortar to create a continuous impervious barrier for walls and shower floors in preparation for tiling. The advantage of being able to use a wider variety of thin-set mortars gives the product greater versatility compared to some products in the market. 

RedGard Waterproofing Fabric Membrane is available in 1M (3’ 3”) wide rolls with two size options: either 54 sq. ft. or 323 sq. ft. in total coverage.  Rolls are pre-printed with grid lines to simplify cutting.  Matching fabric membrane accessories speed installation including the RedGard Waterproofing Strip for edges and changes of plane, pre-formed RedGard Inside and Outside Corners, and the RedGard Mixer and Pipe Seal. The RedGard Fabric Membrane components are part of the larger CUSTOM Shower Installation Systems offering that includes sealant, shower bases, curbs, benches and niches.  When used with CUSTOM’s complete offering, the RedGard Fabric Membrane is eligible for up to a lifetime warranty.