Cosentino Group, international distributor ofnatural stone,quartzand recycled surfaces, has announced its Strategic Business Plan for 2012-2014, including the launch of an innovative new product line and ultra-compact surface called Dekton® by Cosentino in Spring 2013. The news came during a press conference at the Group's global headquarters in Spain on October 2nd, hosted by Francisco Martinez-Cosentino, Chairman of the Cosentino Group and Pilar Martinez-Cosentino, Deputy Director.

The introduction of Dekton is an important technological advancement and opportunity for the stone industry worldwide and embodies Cosentino's Group commitment to innovation and the future of the family-owned multinational company. The result of a $119 million (91 million euro) investment and 22,000 hours of research and development, Dekton will be manufactured at a new factory located in the Cosentino Group Industrial Park in Almería, Spain, with an initial production capacity of 1,500 slabs per day. The manufacturing process includes a revolutionary new advanced Particle Sintering Technology (PST), developed exclusively by Cosentino's RD&I department. PST expertly combines technologies from the ceramic industry, flat glass industry and the quartz surface industry.

Dekton is an innovative, ultra-compact surface made from a mixture of inorganic materials. Its superior technical characteristics provide unique UV resistance and exceptional strength and performance offering multiple interior and exterior architectural applications, including flooring, cladding, stairs, ventilated facades for outdoors and countertops. In order to meet an industry demand set forth by architects and designers, Dekton will be manufactured in large slab format (320 x 144 cm) in three thicknesses -- an exceptionally thin 8 mm, as well as 2 cm and 3 cm. Dekton offers infinite design possibilities, as it can be manufactured in unprecedented colors and finishes identical to wood, rust, natural stone, concrete and metal, as well as solid hues. It is available in a vast variety of textures, such as rippled, leather, denim, slate, brushed or coated. At launch in Spring 2013, Dekton will be available in a select number of colors and textures, and will expand later with new offerings adapting to the demands and trends of each market.

In addition, Cosentino has invested $21 million (16 million euros) in a new distribution center called the "Intelligent Logistics Platform," which will ensure extensive supply of the new Dekton product as well as Silestone® and Eco® by Cosentino to the growing number of Cosentino Centers and customers worldwide. The new platform automatically prepares and loads all slab orders using technologically advanced warehouse management software. With an impressive storage capacity of 115,000 slabs and 3,300 slabs loaded to trucks or containers in each shift, the newly expanded distribution process is set to substantially increase and improve logistics, communication and management for the global hub.

"The new Dekton factory and Intelligent Logistics Platform confirms Cosentino's commitment to innovation and international leadership, expanding our range of high-quality architectural solutions and providing the best possible distribution and service to our customers worldwide," said Francisco Martinez-Cosentino, Cosentino Group Chairman.

The overall strategic plan presented by Cosentino Group for 2012-2014 expects an annual growth of 17%, utilizing an investment of $219 million (167 million euros). More than 75% has been earmarked to increase production capacity and logistics of the company, in the form of the new Dekton factory and Intelligent Logistics Platform. These new additions more than double the size of the Group's Industrial Park in Cantoria with an additional 6.24 million square feet of land.

In addition, the company continues to base its economic growth on international expansion. The Group plans to open an additional 28 Cosentino Centers over a three-year period, for a total of 90 operating centers worldwide, focusing on the U.S., Latin America/Brazil, and Australia as an area of growth and looking to the Asian market as an opportunity for future development.

"Thanks to these strategic and specific investment policies, we expect to achieve sales growth above 15% in the majority of the markets in which we operate," said Pilar Martinez-Cosentino, Deputy Director. "The U.S. will strengthen as a key growth market for Cosentino, with 16% annual growth, following the European market with a growth of 21%."

By the end of 2012, Martinez-Cosentino estimates the company will have generated 83% of their corporate revenue outside Spain and projects this figure to rise to 87% by the end of 2014. Moreover, between the Almeria production site development and various international facility openings, Cosentino plans to directly create 300 new jobs as part of its commitment to ensure the sustainable development of its business.