HAUPPAGE, NY-- Tracy Streckenbach, President and Chief Operating Officer of Innovative Global Brands (IGB), announced that Innovative Stone -- a wholly-owned subsidiary of IGB -- entered into a new agreement withThe Home Depot effective July 15, 2011. The agreement further aligns the two companies' goals and will ensure a high level of customer satisfaction for custom granite countertop fabrication and installation across 52 Home Depot stores.

"Each of our business divisions requires a distinct approach to growth," said Streckenbach. "Success in our Residential Division demands that we partner with key clients and that we work in tight geographic proximity (within a 100-mile radius) to our New York fabrication facility. This ensures that we will run a profitable business that meets our clients' needs each and every day."

Streckenbach has teamed with The Home Depot's Divisional Services Director, Stuart David, to backward-integrate the objectives of the Residential Division with those of The Home Depot team. They are creating unprecedented alignment in all departments that will keep both teams working toward the same set of goals. Streckenbach cites a clear vision of "single-team thinking" as the motivator behind the changes the company is making to further strengthen its key account relationships.

By adjusting its team structure and implementing new technology, Innovative Stone ensures a closer alignment to the customer while, at the same time, streamlining operations during this slower economic time. 

Conversely, Innovative Global Brands' Commercial Division pursues a geographically limitless position while offering differentiated services by market segment. Commercial clients worldwide come to Innovative Stone for its array of surfacing products offered and for its unique full-service, global team approach to sourcing and supply. While the Residential Division adjusts to the realities of the local economy, the Commercial Division spans the globe to take advantage of hot markets elsewhere. IGB recently launched a new operation in China to take advantage of emerging Asian markets.

"We provide a unique set of services for our commercial clients," said Streckenbach. "Customers rely on our team to identify the right product options, and they count on us to ensure the product is delivered to jobsites around the world, on-time."

To do this successfully takes a well planned team approach, according to Streckenbach. Innovative Stone's global sourcing team coordinates production of a broad array of products to meet tight specifications within a client's budget. A worldwide network of inspectors ensures the company consistently delivers to specification.

Project managers and field managers act as virtual extensions of the client's team in the planning and execution phases of the build. Logistics and inventory management teams coordinate complex worldwide movement of surfacing materials and also deliver inventory management programs using full-service fulfillment centers in both the U.S. and China. Finally, account managers oversee all aspects of the client relationship to ensure complete satisfaction.

"Our clients depend on our team to deliver far more than product," said Streckenbach. "In fact, although we pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line surfacing solutions, of equal importance are the value-added services Innovative offers, including logistics and inventory management solutions." 

By pursuing dual strategies -- adjusting for a constrained growth economy in its Residential Division while continuing to embark on significant global expansion within the Commercial Division -- Streckenbach said the company is poised for success.  

"We are very excited for the Innovative Stone brand," she said. "While we have weathered some difficult economic times here in the U.S., we are well-positioned to take advantage of strong markets wherever they occur in the world."