The new Sicis showroom in Japan will feature Tiziano's Room, a dedicated space in which Sacred Love and Profane Love appear in their immensity.

TOKYO, JAPAN -- Sicis, an Italian manufacturer of high-end mosaics, recently added Tokyo, Japan, to its worldwide list of showroom locations. The new 1,600-square-foot studio opened its doors in the city's Minato district on July 16 and 17, 2011.

The new showroom is a showcase of the company's most significant collections, which offer interpretations of a distant language and bring attention to light, sound and color, according to Sicis. Among the collections on display isCosmati, elegant floors inspired by the works of the Romanesque dynasty of the same name. The mosaics in this collection include arabesque geometries in marble and iridescent glass tiles -- varying between glossy and opaque surfaces that divide and unite in pure shapes.

Pixall, a collection featuring small square elements that open into an infinity of patterns -- from flowers to birds and waves to stripes, is offered in colored glass as well as gold, platinum and silver.

The Sicis showroom in Tokyo can be found at Mille Roches' Building B1, 5-3-5 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The company's other worldwide locations include: Paris, France; Milan, Italy; Brussels, Belgium; Marbella, Spain; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and New Delhi, India as well as New York and Chicago in the U.S.