ALCORA, CASTELLÓN, SPAIN -- Ceracasa, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, has produced an innovative ceramic product that removes harmful nitrous oxide (NOx) pollution from the air through a process of photocatalysis, with the help of sunlight and humidity. The product, known as Bionic Tile® by Ceracasa, was developed in collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Spain and FMC-Foret. The product will make its U.S. debut at the HEALTHCAREDESIGN.09 tradeshow, booth #1724, which will be held from October 31 to November 3 in Orlando, FL.

Bionic Tile is presented by Dallas-based Pantheon Flooring Solutions which will begin selling the product to the U.S. market later this year. The tile is capable of deconstructing harmful pollution (NOx) into products harmless to humans in a permanent and effective way. Nitrous oxide is the air contaminant responsible for acid rain and a leading cause of climate change and pulmonary diseases. As a result of its enamel and different additives (responsible for the continuous decontaminant effect), Bionic Tile® by Cercasa destroys NOx, making it not harmful to people but beneficial to the growth of plants.
Bionic Tile® by Ceracasa has been developed with the collaboration of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia-Chemical Technology Institute, in a project led by Professor Dr. Hermenegildo Garcia and his team of researchers. For the analysis of the ceramic samples, the ISO 22197-12007 standards have been used. Data has shown high decontamination levels per hour / SQM.

Bionic Tile may be used as external ceramic cladding, and because of its positive affect on the environment, it is attracting interest in eco-efficient buildings worldwide, reports the manufacturer. Bionic Tile® by Ceracasa was awarded the prestigious ALFA de ORO by the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass last February 2009 at Cevisama, the international tile exhibition that is held annually in Valencia, Spain, and it has been supported by various architecture and sustainability forums. To watch the introductory video to the product, please go to:
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