Mermertay is a quarrier and processor of natural stone that was founded in 1995 by its mother company Aydin Linyit. In 1910, Aydin Linyit originally began its production as a mining company, with its headquarters in Izmir, Turkey. It then expanded the operation to include manufacturing tiles and slabs of natural stones such as travertine, marble and limestone. As a result of this expansion, Mermertay was established in Aydin, Turkey, and it continues production of blocks, slabs and tiles.

Mermertay's plant and quarries are located in the Aegean region of Turkey. In this region, the four quarries that the company owns are near the cities of Kremna, Ephesus and Aphrodisias. The “signature stones” marketed by Mermertay are Kremna travertine, Yaykin dolomite marble and Belevio Black marble.

With a monthly capacity of 323,000 square feet of tiles and 125,200 square feet of slabs, Mermertay's main export targets for tiles and slabs are Italy, China, Holland, Poland, Ukraine and South Korea. In 1998, Mermertay began operations with the U.S. and is now an extension of the Aydin Linyit organization. This initiative took a major step forward last year, when Mermertay-USA established its office and warehouse in Phoenix, AZ, where it now stocks travertine and marble that is always available on site.

The company has supplied natural stone for a broad range of upscale projects around the world, including sales not only to retail markets but also for specific projects such as the Hotel Cantera in Germany, the Hotel Hilton in Bulgaria, the Hotel Waldorf in France and the Exchange Center and Hotel Carlton in Singapore. Another major project in Asia was the Central City project in Seoul, Korea, where Mermertay supplied 269,000 square feet of Yakin Dolomite tiles and slabs.

“Mermertay is known for its high- quality products. The first priority is customer satisfaction, and it remains as their long-term business partners. With this understanding, Mermertay will continue to supply its unique high quality products with timely delivery at competitive prices,” states the company.