The Natural Stone Council recently acknowledged the generous donations of stone industry members who have contributed to the organization's efforts. The Natural Stone Council is a collaboration of businesses and trade associations that have come together to promote the use of natural stone in commercial and residential applications. By pooling resources under the "Genuine Stone" brand name and logo, the organization's goal is to increase the understanding of, preference for and consumption of natural stone.

Investors are as follows:

Years 2007-2010

Cold Spring Granite Company
Charles Luck Stone Company
Marble Institute of America
Natural Stone Alliance
Park Industries

Allied Stone Industries
Dakota Granite Company
Elberton Granite Association
Indiana Limestone Company
Indiana Limestone Institute
National Building Granite Quarries Association
TexaStone Quarries
Walker Zanger

Building Stone Institute
Continental Cut Stone
Northwest Granite Manufacturers Association
Rocky Mountain Stone/New Mexico Travertine

Barden Stone
Champlain Stone
Chesshir Stone
Colorado Flagstone, Inc.
Connecticut Stone Supplies
Cumberland Mountain Stone
Delaware Quarries
Endless Mountain Stone
Gallegos Corporation
Geo Schofield Co., Inc.
Granite Expo
Integrated Resources Group Inc.
K2 Stone
Lurvey Landscape Supply
Michels Corporation
New York Bluestone Association
North Carolina Granite Corporation
Pennsylvania Bluestone Association
Picture this on Granite
RLF Salado Quarries
Sepulveda Building Materials
Star Granite Co., Inc.
Stone AV USA
Stonecraft, Inc.
Strid Marble and Granite
Sturgis Materials
Tennessee Marble Co.
Turner Bros.
US Stone Industries

Bandera Stone
Bella Pietra
Burlington Natstone, Inc.
Granite and Marble Interiors

Year 2011

Building Stone Institute
TexaStone Quarries

Anderson Bros. & Johnson/Michels
Connecticut Stone Supplies, Inc.
Continental Cut Stone, Inc.
Cumberland Mountain Stone Co.
Delaware Quarries , Inc.
Fieldstone Center, Inc.
Indiana Limestone Company
Kenneth Castellucci & Associates, Inc.
Lilac Quarries, LLC
Park Industries
Rolling Rock Building Stone, Inc.
Tompkins Bluestone Co., Inc.

JMS/Jurassic Stone
K2 Stone Quarries, Inc.
Siloam Stone
Rundle Rock
Chesshir Stone