A range of quartz-grained sandstone products are available from Mineral Tech of Peru and canbe used for a range of applications, including surrounding a kitchen grill.

A range of quartz-grained sandstone products are available from Mineral Tech of Peru. The material can be found in a range of colors - including shades of tan, rust and light orange - and the company reports that it features optimal slip resistance, weather and corrosion resistance, high-mechanical strength, low porosity and low absorption. It can be used for applications such as exterior cladding, roofing, sills, pavers, fireplaces, countertops and other architectural elements.

The material is also suitable for countertops.

Mineral Tech reports that it is currently extracting stone from a deep reserve of material, and it also operates a stoneworking facility in Peru.


CaesarStone’s “Pure White” (1141)

CaesarStone, a quartz surface manufacturer, recently launched “Pure White” (1141). Pure White, the “Whitest White” in quartz surfaces, features a silk finish and is ideal for hospitality designs, smart office spaces and kitchen countertops to match white lacquer cabinets, shower walls, bar tops, custom-made furniture and more, according to the manufacturer.

“Since our products are made from 93% natural quartz, naturally, there are varying shades and undertones even in the lightest of quartz,” said Arik Tendler, President of CaesarStone.

Pure White, like all CaesarStone surfaces, is scratch, stain, crack and heat resistant. It is also resistant to most household chemicals and is nonabsorbent, nonporous and mold and mildew resistant, reports the manufacturer. Additionally, CaesarStone offers a Lifetime Residential Warranty and a 10-year Limited Commercial Warranty.


The Viper 3-Step System available from Braxton-Bragg

A new, more efficient polishing system is now offered by Braxton-Bragg. Since most polishing systems have six, seven or eight steps, the new Viper 3-Step System cuts polishing time by 50%, while achieving the superior polish for which Viper is known, according Braxton-Bragg.

The pads are made with high-quality diamonds, which have multiple angles and a “polycrystalized” internal shape. The diamonds are easily broken during polishing to continuously expose new angles, giving longer life to the pad, reports the manufacturer.

Diamond concentration is 60% of the pad weight in the new Viper 3-Step System. This is the highest diamond concentration possible with current technology, reports the manufacturer. Bond strength has been increased to hold the higher diamond concentration, insuring that the diamonds are fully used in the polishing process. By eliminating half the grits normally used for smooth polishing without scratching, the Viper 3-Step System shortens the polishing process by 50%.

In addition to reducing labor costs, the Viper 3-Step System reduces inventory complexity and simplifies ordering. This system is available in a wet pad design, which will achieve a gloss meter reading of 95-98. A wet/dry pad version is also available that will achieve a gloss meter reading of 90-95. The Viper 3-Step System is designed for granite and other hard stone.


Mineral Tech reports that it is currently extracting stone from a deep reserve of material.

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