Fab King by RYE Corp. 

To clarify the “Machine of the Month” item published in the March 2010 issue of Stone World, the Fab King is manufactured by RYE Corp. of Lenoir City, TN, and it is distributed by: GranQuartz, Granite City Tool, Regent Stone Products, Eastern Marble, Diaco Innovations and VIC International.

The Fab King is a precision 3-axis workstation with open gantry. This unit is designed to produce bowl holes fast and accurately, and it also profiles edges using standard manual router tooling. Linear guides on gantry rails insure smooth travel of the X and Y axis. An added feature of this machine is the ability to surface polish, which allows the user to make repairs on scratched stone. The Fab King is driven by a powerful 3-horsepower, variable-speed (2,700 to 10,000 rpm) motor. The 220-volt, single-phase power requirement allows the Fab King to be added to any stone fabrication shop. Moreover, the open gantry design allows for processing of large projects. Made in the U.S., the Fab King features adjustable table height and water flow with center and halo water feed. The machine was designed to be easy to install and operate, and it also offers dust-free operation to help meet OSHA requirements. Spare parts, tooling and support are readily available.


Omni Cubed’s 2010 model Sink Hole SaverTM VCM

The 2010 model Sink Hole SaverTM VCM is Omni Cubed’s newest manual-pump vacuum cup countertop strengthener, which protects finished stone pieces from breakage during lifting, moving and installation. The product is suitable for shower walls or curved and “bump-out” countertops, and can be combined with the original Sink Hole Saver strengthening rail (mechanical clamp version) for added versatility during installations, reports the manufacturer. The product features large 6-inch vacuum cups, which can be re-pumped without removal or loss of remaining suction. The cups quickly slide and lock in the rail for custom placement on shower walls or around sink holes. All Sink Hole Saver models are available in 4-, 6- and 8-foot lengths.


Domain Industries is now a stocking distributor for the Voodoo line of Premium Diamond Tooling. 

Domain Industries, Inc., a nationwide supplier of kitchen and bath products and fabrication accessories, has announced that it is now a stocking distributor for the Voodoo line of Premium Diamond Tooling. Voodoo adds to Domain Industries’ growing line of stone fabricator tools.

“Voodoo Diamond Tooling is a new era of high-performance diamond tooling, designed exclusively for professional stone and granite fabricators,” said James Synnott, Domain Industries Vice President of Product Development. “We are excited to be the first to bring on this line of quality tooling. The mark of distinction with Voodoo is its use of the newest, most innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, combined with high-quality raw materials and precision industrial design to bring fabricators a complete range of premium diamond products.”

Voodoo’s Hex Collection of ultra-premium turbo dry-cutting blades is now distributed through Domain Industries.

Voodoo offers a range of options for fabricators, including blades, core bits, nine types of polishing and finishing pads, cup wheels, vacuum brazed profilers, antiquing brushes and backer pads.

Included in Voodoo’s lineup is the introduction of the Houdini Collection, a revolutionary new pad that has been brought to life with sophisticated interlayer metal technology. After a multi-year R&D effort, Houdini is an aggressive and resilient stock removal pad hitting the market, reports Domain Industries.

Also featured is Hex, an advanced collection of ultra-premium turbo dry-cutting blades, providing chip-free cuts on granite, engineered stone and hard marbles, featuring an 8-mm segment height for a lengthened lifespan and a narrow tooth design.

Voodoo Diamond Tooling can be found in the latest Domain Industries wholesale catalog. Fabricators can request a free catalog by visiting Domain’s Web site.