Domain Industries, a nationwide supplier of premium kitchen and bath products, has announced the introduction of its new Fall 2009 dealer catalog, featuring the latest line-up of stainless, copper, glass and vitreous porcelain sinks as well as faucets and a full range of stone fabrication tools and accessories. The catalog features a completely restructured and redefined approach to the way products are showcased, according to Domain.

The new catalog boasts 68-full-color pages of high end kitchen and bath products, a complete collection of sinks, an offering of power tools specific to the surfacing industry and a peak at the new 2010 Affinity Surfaces color line-up, which was planned to debut in early November of 2009.

The new catalog also provides an additional platform where it can be easily read, with the added convenience of instant online access. Surfacing professionals can now browse the full catalog and print out specific pages they need to fill their demands instantly. Domain Industries reports supporting all efforts in lessening the ecological footprint and offers a new approach to conventional distribution methods of its catalog.