Designed and manufactured by Comandulli according to the latest concepts and structural principles, the Spira automatic belt edge polishing machine can create and polish flat, bevelled or pencil-round edges, and the company reports that it has been noted for its performance and production on every kind of marble, granite and engineered stone.

The machine was designed to be simple in terms of its mechanical, electrical and electronic equipments, and it is easy to use and service. Technical information is as follows:

Spindle Equipment

• 1 calibrating spindle

• 2 spindles for bevelling at 45 degrees

• 5 horizontal spindles for polishing the straight edges

• 6 bevelling spindles at 45 degrees

• 1 spindle for grooves

Main Features

• Conveyor belt driven by a stainless steel plane

• Pneumatic slab-holding pistons

• Control panel with touch-screen visualized keyboard

• Main covers in stainless steel

• Water collecting tank with lateral flows

• Tool cooling water flowing outside the spindles and managed by manual valves

• Initial and final rollers

• Manual bar for large-sized slab support

• Control PLC with software which automatically synchronizes the spindle and piston intervention as the slab passes