The new Litox from GMM is a full CNC bridge saw aimed at both the fabrication market for high-speed precision slab processing and the architectural workshops with their requirements for ease and speed of programming for complicated shaping and profiling work. This innovative product - which has had its patent registered - has been awarded by the Italian Association for Industrial Design the “Innovative Design Technology Award” for best three-dimensional cutting and finishing machine at CarraraMarmotec 2010.

Featuring a fully rotating (360 degrees) and fully inclining (0 to 90 degrees) head, the Litox can be ordered with either 600-mm (24-inch), 800-mm (32-inch) or 1,000-mm (39-inch) rise and fall for the Z axis, and the largest version can use a blade up to 1100 mm (43 inches) in diameter.

Upon request, the machine can also be equipped with a vacuum-lifting device, which can be used with the intelligent software to reposition cut pieces in order to prevent the need for manual intervention during the cutting cycle, a clear advantage for safety in the workplace as well as a savings in time and raw material.

Using software and an interface designed in-house GMM’s factory in Italy, this machine is the product of years of experience in many different markets - gained by the company’s designers and technical staff.

Other options available are:

• MiniCAD system where the machine is equipped with a camera that takes a photo of the slab to be cut. DXF files are then simply dragged and dropped into place by the operator on the touch-screen.

• A flat flange blade holder, which reduces the obstruction of the bottom flange when the blade is profiling in the horizontal plane.

• A rotating router tool holder, which when combined with suitable software gives the machine the possibility to work either in two or three dimensions with a router or milling head.

• A CNC-controlled lathe, which works in interpolation with the other axes.

At Marmomacc 2010 in Verona, Italy, GMM presented an automated system for quick loading and unloading of slabs, for which the patent is registered.