Z-LASER has introduced a new product family for the stone industry, the Z M18-B. The laser is available with wavelengths of red and green with output powers up to 100mW.

The green lasers are beneficial in the stone industry as the green light is more visible and can be perceived better in bright surroundings, the manufacturer reports. The green Z M18 comes with output powers up to 40mW. An M12 connector guarantees an ideal electrical connection.

Examples of the Z M18-B

With this new laser, the user no longer has to settle for a particular operating voltage as it features a 5-30VDC operation, with over-voltage and reverse polarity protection.

According to Z-LASER, customers will appreciate the simple hand focusing mechanism the laser provides as well as the thread mounted for simple and versatile mounting. Furthermore, the laser provides an electrically isolated housing and a LED laser operation indicator ensuring the user is aware the laser is in operation.

Rated at IP67, the laser is fully waterproof and ideal for applications which require washing down of the equipment.

Additionally, Z-LASER is introducing Laser projector LP-HFD. According to Z-LASER, since the manufacturing of kitchen countertops, staircase steps, etc. is completed by CNC machining centers, vacuum pods for fixing the material have to be placed so precisely during machining, ensuring no material will be damaged.


The powerful 2D laser projector LP-HFD simplifies and optimizes this work step by a millimeter accurate laser projection, therefore allowing quick positioning of the pods. The required data for projection can be either readout from the CNC controller or from CAD files (DXF format).

Furthermore, the LP-HFD is able to indicate the contours of a final workpiece in advance so that the material can be exactly placed. This enables an increase in work quality and an optimal material exploitation, which is very important for materials like marble or granite, according to Z-LASER.


Prodim International BV’s 10-year anniversary special edition Prodim Proliner®

This year, the Prodim Proliner® from Prodim International BV celebrates its 10th anniversary. Therefore, Prodim International BV, a manufacturer of revolutionary 2D and 3D portable measurement solutions, presented the Prodim Proliner® 10-year anniversary special edition at Marmomacc 2009 in Verona, Italy.

For this special anniversary model, Prodim has greatly expanded the CAD capabilities of the Proliner® 6 Series.

Prodim Proliner®

For over 10 years, the Proliner®’s accuracy, speed and simplicity have been the company’s top priority proving success in several industries, including the stone and building industry, the manufacturer reports.

The measuring head of the Proliner® can be rotated in every direction and has a wire that can be stretched out for several meters. With the metal measuring pen at the end of the wire, users can simply mark the relevant points. These points are directly translated into a digital DXF CAD file. Measure straight, curved or very complex shapes in an instant with an accuracy of 0.5 mm. Additionally, measure any object in horizontal, vertical or slanting position. The digital drawing connects directly to any CNC machine or plotter, and production runs in only a couple of minutes, according to Prodim.


Chemical Concepts’ SafeSeam™

Chemical Concepts has introduced a new product called SafeSeam™ - a locking device to secure seams and ensure they will remain intact. The product will be on display at StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas in Las Vegas later this month at Booth 1810.