VIC International Corp., an industry leader in natural stone and concrete, has announced its new Optima restoration and maintenance product line of chemicals, diamond tooling and equipment for natural stone, ceramic tile, terrazzo and concrete.

Since 1990, VIC has been at the forefront of innovative products and training for the restoration and maintenance of numerous hard surfaces, reports the company. After selling the StoneMedic product line to Ecolab in 2004, VIC International has been focused on countertop fabrication, surface preparation and concrete polishing. Now, after a five-year absence from the industry, VIC has combined its extensive knowledge of restoration and maintenance with industry veterans to create an economical and ecologically responsible line of products ranging from impregnators to floor machines.

“The marriage of VIC’s Green Spec certified concrete program with the re-launch back into natural stone restoration and maintenance couldn’t come at a better time for our industry,” said VIC President and CEO, Kelly Milligan. “Through a 30-year pursuit of solutions through innovation by now Chairman of the Board, Vic Green, such industry breakthroughs as a paste marble polishing compound and liquid granite polish were realized. Combined with what VIC has developed over the past 5 years for the concrete industry, this is sure to produce some exciting new products, and I am proud to be a part of that adventure.”

The Multi-Seam Expansion Kit for the Automatic Seam Setter VC2 by Omni Cubed includes two VC2 seam setters with storage case and an accessory coil tube adapter. The kit enables installers to simultaneously join and level two seams (up to 14 feet apart with use of the coil tube), saving valuable time during the installation process. Installers may now also “chain link” up to four seam setters together for larger seams (i.e. longer island seams). Each seam setter and coil tube adapter utilizes pneumatic quick-connect fittings, enabling installers to quickly and easily “series” multiple seam setters together to one vacuum pump. The Seam Setter VC2 and the expansion kit are proudly engineered, manufactured and assembled in the U.S, reports Omni Cubed.