JMS-Jura Marble Suppliers is a worldwide supplier of Jura limestone from Germany. It currently includes eight quarries in its capacity, and its quarries date as far back as 1761.

JMS-Jura Marble Suppliers was founded in 1985 in Eichstätt, Germany, as a means to make a name for Jura limestone in the architecture and construction business, and today, it continues to supply material for high-profile projects around the world.

According to JMS, when the company was formed, Jura limestone was not well known outside of Germany and Central Europe. Among the selling points of Jura limestone, JMS promoted the following:

• Jura is able to be used in heavy-traffic areas such as airports and shopping areas.

• The material is frost resistant and can be used for wall cladding and flooring in all climate conditions - in freeze/thaw areas as well as a desert climate.

• The color, tonality and structure of Jura Beige and Jura Grey make it a preferred material for architects and owners.

• Jura limestone is backed by large resources of material.

Developing a reputation

Speaking on international architectural projects, the first major success for JMS came with the completion of the “Gulf Corporation Council” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This initiative called for 900,000 square feet of interior and exterior wall cladding and flooring.

Architectural projects in the U.S. have included this mixed-use complex in New York City. The frost-resistant qualities of Jura limestone allow it to be used for outdoor wall cladding in all climate conditions.

Over the years, JMS completed hundreds of projects around the world, and it developed a reputation in the sector. The company stresses that it is “not a simple dealer of natural stone; it is furthermore the sales department within a group company - being 100% owned by quarries and fabricators. They all share their knowledge with one major focus - customer orientation.”

Jura is able to be used in heavy-traffic areas such as airports and shopping areas. Among these uses in the U.S., the material was chosen as flooring for the busy Orlando International Airport in Florida.

Currently, the JMS group’s capacities include eight Jura limestone quarries and 18 gangsaws, which allows it to produce an optimal range of materials and finished pieces. The company offers cut-to-size architectural work as well as tiles, specialty flooring, wall cladding and stone masonry.

As needed, JMS is able to combine the production capacity of all companies within the group to produce large quantities in a short amount of time.

A deep history

JMS points out that the companies within the group have literally hundreds of years of experience in stone quarrying and fabrication - dating back to 1761, which is documented as the official start of one mother company in the stone industry.

Today, the companies strive to remain up to date in technology to maintain a competitive edge. And the team relies on its global experience to remain strong in the international sector, continually benchmarking conditions on what is developing in the world market. With this knowledge, the production facilities are upgraded and advanced as dictated by the needs of the marketplace.

JMS has also supplied a broad range of projects in Asia, such as this shopping plaza in Tokyo, Japan.

Working with clients

One of the key factors for JMS is allowing clients to be a part of the entire production process - from the quarrying of blocks, through all of the fabrication steps, and concluding with the loading of trucks and containers.

“But furthermore, the real quality control starts with identifying the right material with the right decision maker,” JMS stated. “Starting from this point, JMS and its fabricators train and educate all responsible employees to select the specified material for the project. We help on both ends of the design process - with the architects on one end and the factory on the other.”