Recycled-content quartz surfacing at CaesarStone

As usual, the sprawling exhibit halls at Marmomacc in Verona, Italy, served as a showcase for some of the latest stone materials and stoneworking technology.

Stone can be found in a range of formats in Verona, including slabs, tiles, mosaics and architectural pieces. Of note, many new exotic materials are on display, including varieties of onyx, quartzite and granite not seen before in the marketplace. Moreover, stone suppliers announced the discovery of new quarry sites for traditional popular materials. 

Also of interest, producers of quartz surfacing introduced new materials, including backlit slabs, textured slabs and even custom-formed quartz slabs that have been used to create one-of-a-kind furnishings. 

In the area of stoneworking technology, many equipment manufacturers have unveiled new models at Marmomacc 2010. These included large-scale machinery as well as technology for countertop fabrication shops. Among them, a range of advanced bridge saws are on display, including computerized models that also incorporate vacuum-lifting technology. 

A full report on the new product and technology introductions at Marmomacc 2010 will be presented in the print and online editions of Stone World in the near future. 

Backlit onyx at Primestone

Backlit Quantra quartz surfacing at Pokarna

Quartz surfacing at CaesarStone

Computerized vacuum-equipped sawing technology at Breton