During the spring of 2009, master basalt carvers will gather in Central Washington State, known for its rich geological history, for an extensive workshop. The event will take place from May 1 to 4, 2009, surrounded by columnar basalt that was exposed by the historic Missoula floods. Three diverse carvers with mastery in this stone will teach this workshop to a small informed group of intermediate-master level stone carvers to evolve skill, improve technique and share their extensive, collective knowledge.

For four days, carvers will set up camp in the raw desert between Soap Lake and Moses Lake, importing compressors, generators and other supplies to find out everything they can about the making, historic relevance, carving and finishing of basalt. Master carvers include abstractionist Tom Small of San Juan Island, composite carver Anthony Kaufmann from Seattle/Moses Lake, WA, and sculptor Richard Hestekind of Seattle.

Throughout the four full days that have been set aside, individuals will have a palette of basalt at their disposal. There will be in-depth, hands-on column demonstrations with the power tools that basalt carvers use. In addition to the practical sharing of information, organizers invited geologists, an archeologist and a natural historian to speak at length about the regions rich and varied history.

For more information, contact Workshop Coordinator Gerda Lattey by E-mail at stonewaterstudio@gmail; Phone: 250-537-1526 or 250-538-8686.