Advanced Industrial Machinery, Inc. (AIM), a leading manufacturer of automated stone fabrication systems, has announced the debut of its new MasterJetSaw 3200. With its precision waterjet and powerful 20HP saw, the AIM MasterJetSaw 3200 delivers increased cutting capability with lower operating costs, the company reports.

Engineered for speed and power, the new MasterJetSaw 3200 measures less than 20 feet wide and 17 feet deep and has a compact profile designed to maximize floor space.

The new machine is powered by an innovative Apex Intensifier designed to significantly reduce installation and operation costs. Without sacrificing speed or force, the machine draws less than 30 Amps at 460 VAC. The intensifier delivers a progressive increase in power that eliminates blowouts in brittle stone. Engineered to conserve water and energy, the MasterJetSaw 3200 needs no chiller or cooling water and uses just one gallon of cutting water per minute, according to AIM.

All of AIM’s cutting systems are meticulously engineered and manufactured in the U.S. with the most advanced technology available today, the company reports. Additionally the company reports that with a rock solid filled heavy steel frame, the quality-constructed MasterJetSaw 3200 promises lasting performance with minimal maintenance. AIM guarantees its machines with a one-year “bumper to bumper” warranty and a 5-year/5000 mile warranty on all mechanical drive components.