SHS Vacuum Cup Attachment

The SHS Vacuum Cup Attachment by Omni Cubed, Inc. has been added to the existing Sink Hole Saver (SHS) rails to create multi-purpose, countertop-strengthening units. This USA-made accessory is constructed from a machined, anodized aluminum plate and 6-inch “thumb-pumped” vacuum cup. After adding the cup attachments to a SHS rail, users are able to “flip” between two countertop-strengthening systems for added versatility. For example, an install crew may use the mechanical clamps for countertop transport on the truck A-frame, then “flip” the same rail to the vacuum cup side for the final installation. The cup attachments do not interfere with the mechanical clamps, and the clamps do not interfere while using the cups, according to the manufacturer. The resulting multi-purpose SHS (the rail with both mechanical clamps and vacuum cups) is called the “Flip-a-doo” Sink Hole Saver at Omni Cubed.