Plans for the new “Gianluca Marcolini” Elementary School

ANKILIMIAVOTRA, MADAGASCAR - The new “Gianluca Marcolini” Elementary School has just opened in the village of Ankilimiavotra, Madagascar, as a tribute to the memory of Gianluca Marcolini.

This project has been strongly sustained by the Marcolini family and was carried out by the Salesian Fathers of the “Don Bosco” Institute of Verona, Italy. The fundraising has been very successful also thanks to a large number of contributors.

The new elementary school is located in the Tulear district, in the Malgasy brousse. The masonry structure incorporates five furnished and perfectly appointed classrooms. Moreover, in the past three years, the village has been equipped with a well and a hydroelectric power station.

This school is a source of pride, hope and inspiration for more than 300 children, who are enthusiastically devoting their efforts to learning to read and write.

A statement from the family reads as follows: “The Marcolini family wishes to extend their heartfelt gratitude to all, whose help has turned this project into reality, a testimony to Gianluca’s love, goodwill and generosity: may his journey have no end.”