With more than 50 years experience in milling and polishing stone, Thibaut, a French manufacturer of stone processing machines, has introduced a new CNC stoneworking center with five interpolated axes.

The Thibaut T 858 has the ability to cut complex pieces, as well as greatly reduced finishing times, resulting in lower labor costs, according to the company. The T 858 is available on a welded structure or concrete walls, and it is available in two lengths - 6 meters (19 feet, 6 inches) or 12 meters (39 feet, 4 inches) - offering one or two work stations.

The two-row tool magazine holds up to 48 tools, including one specific position for the blade.

As a result of the integrated design, the T 858 ensures the security of the operator, with patented automatic opening and closing doors, that make the entrance to the work area easier to get to. Even the touch screen was designed for a better ergonomics of the operator, Thibaut reports.

One of the major innovations, according to the company, is the new software used on the T 858. Thibaut specially developed this CAD/CAM software in compliance with the performance of the machine for optimal synchronization of the five axes. Ideally developed for specific operations on stone, it allows the user to have a look at the workpieces in a three-dimensional view to facilitate machining and polishing operations. This user-friendly software was also adapted for other machines in the Thibaut range.

Thibaut is represented in North America by EuroStone Machine of Atlanta, GA.

Technical characteristics:

• Maximum speed: 12,000 RPM

• Machining capacity: 2,600 x 2,100 x 400 mm/ 8 feet x 6 inches, 6 feet x 10 inches, up to a thickness of 16 inches with a tool length of 250 mm (10 inches)

• Movement: X: 3,550 mm x Y: 3,050 mm x Z: 800 mm (X = 11 feet, 7 inches, Y = 10 feet, Z = 31.5 inches)