Marmo Machinery USA, one of North America’s leading granite and marble fabrication distributors, has announced its new line of LCV Magnum Vertical Edge Polishing Machines for straight flat-squared 1-cm to 6-cm-thick marble or granite edges.

Manufactured by Marmo Meccanica S.p.A of Italy, the LCV Magnum edge polishing machines produce perfectly polished flat edges in one pass, according to the manufacturer. They feature a high rate of production at a low cost per lineal foot. Their small footprint, combined with high reliability and low cost, make them ideal for granite shops in North America that want high-quality processing of marble, granite, porcelain and engineered stone.

Production speeds are fast -- from 18-84 m/h. In addition, edge processing is continuous. This means that all workpieces can be inserted sequentially and move past a series of mandrels so that they come out completely finished.

Marble and granite pieces are placed vertically, as they are usually handled.

Handling slabs vertically not only reduces the possibility of material breakage, it also considerably reduces the floor space and work area requirements.

The LCV 711 Magnum series polishers have seven mandrels with 150 mm (5.9 inches) diameter wheels. All LCV 711 models have two opposite chamfering mandrels with 130 mm (5.12 inches) diameter wheels inclined at 45 degrees. In addition, the LCV-711 M-SE and LCV-711 M-SE/SU units have an entry calibrating dripstone mandrel to gauge the thickness of the material with an adjustable depth. This mandrel can be adjusted both crosswise and lengthwise with respect to its own axis, and it can be rotated from the horizontal axis position to the vertical axis position. Furthermore, these two units also have an exit shaping dripstone mandrel that can be adjusted like the entry calibrating dripstone mandrel.

The LCV does not require either foundations or special inclination for water discharge. The discharged water can be easily directed to a drain at some distance by means of a hose.

The LCV is sold and serviced by Marmo Machinery USA.