REPUBLIC OF MAURITIUS - Amazing Stone, Ltd. celebrated its 1,000th slab produced at its Mauritian facility on Friday, January 25, 2008. In honor of this special occasion, Amazing Stone chose a rare and brilliant stone, which was entitled, “Solar Quartz” as its honorary semi-precious stone slab. Solar Quartz is comprised entirely of crystallized Agate Quartz - single specimen samples of which can be viewed as collection pieces in museums, including the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Agate Quartz, aka Agate Geode(s), has the distinct appearance of agate with the dramatic concentrated layered structural growth of crystallized quartz. Amazing Stone’s team of highly skilled craftsmen hand selected each specimen of quality stone, laying them in a dramatic yet homogenous pattern. Amazing Stone’s general production procedures followed, ending in a machine polish of mirror perfection. This rare and beautiful slab, along with another of the same, will make its way to Antolini Luigi, SpA - who procured the slabs the following day in Verona, Italy.

Additionally, a new product logo has been created for “The Semi-Precious Collection” and will be applicable to all semi-precious stone products, including slabs, tiles, cut-to-size, tabletops and finished products.

The logo stands for semi-precious stone authenticity and is entitled: Authentic Semi-Precious or ASP.

The ASP logo features quartz crystals in their natural prism form, against a blue background with the words “Authentic Semi Precious.” Both the color of the logo and the identifying crystals that appear on the logo represent clarity and purity. The logo has been introduced to clearly identify products of premier quality comprised of real semi-precious stone. Products with this symbol will be quickly identified as adhering to the highest standards of production. All Amazing Stone products will feature this logo as of 2008.