REPUBLIC OF MAURITIUS - With a goal to continue to develop strong sales alliances with top stone industry leaders and to generate new distribution chains with more diverse stone industry players, Amazing Stone’s Semi-Precious Slab Collection is now available on non-exclusivity terms. Antolini Luigi, SpA, with its successful role as leading distributor of The Semi-Precious Slab Collection by Amazing Stone, Ltd., has held exclusivity on the entire slab product line for much of Amazing Stone’s existence and continues to offer the product line worldwide. The Cosentino Group has now joined in the force, offering Amazing Stone’s Semi-Precious Slab Collection in 12 leading stone types at select locations to include the U.S. and Europe. A product sought by top designers and architects for the most exclusive projects, The Semi-Precious Collection by Amazing Stone will be a perfect complement to the well-known Cosentino/Silestone brand, according to Amazing Stone.

Having pioneered and perfected the production of solid, semi-precious stone slabs and offering an extensive stone line of over 62 semi-precious stone types and stone combinations, Amazing Stone has initiated a Fabricator Confidence Guarantee program to give fabricators assurance should the semi-precious slab they are working on default during fabrication. The program allows fabricators to register the default online through the ASP or Authentic Semi-Precious serial number, which is now adhered to all slabs produced by Amazing Stone. If approved for replacement, a slab of the same stone type will then be sent to the fabricator free of charge (shipping, duties, taxes and other costs not included). For questions regarding this program, please visit or E-mail