The Denver Skema Logic C-180 Saw, from VIC International, is a monolithic bridge saw with the ability to cut an entire kitchen automatically. It features a 15-horsepower motor and a CNC rotating head capable of cutting right-angle and diagonal cuts through any position from 0 to 180 degrees. It has a unitized body requiring a smaller footprint than a standard gantry saw, and it is more accurate, faster and easier to use than conventional saws. This saw also offers quicker set-up time, and it eliminates the need for a rotating table.

The Skema Logic C-180 is a 4-axis CNC machine that combines high technology with user-friendly CAD-CAM software. The software delivers increased productivity and a large variety of processing. With the Skema Logic C-180, the user has full control on drawings and processing of shapes and profiles with head on vertical, inclined and horizontal position. In addition, the saw provides cutting, drilling, pocketing, radial machining and shaping of profiles via different tools with the spindle at 90 degrees. It has a convenient control panel, including serial and USB ports mounted on a swiveling moveable arm. The programmer offers an efficient 10-inch color touch-screen for ease-of-use and accuracy.

The X- and Y-axis interpolation enhances the working performance, while reducing job layout and set-up times. The combination of high-tech features, such as linear guides with sliding blocks, axis interpolation and intelligent invertors, offers production advantages, VIC International reports. In addition, the optimization work package significantly improves the overall cutting efficiency of the bridge saw.