Dia-Pro Hand-Pump Suction Cup

Granite City Tool has released an array of new products, including the Dia-Pro Hand-Pump Suction Cup and the Ideal Electric Engraver.

The Dia-Pro Hand-Pump Suction Cup features a new ergonomic design. This 7-inch-diameter vacuum pad includes a tough metal pump handle valve. It is excellent for placing stone tiles, and it can handle 87 lbs lifting capacity, reports Granite City Tool.

The 120V, 60Hz Ideal Electric Engraver is a low-cost, industrial-quality marker that quickly and easily engraves stone, metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, hard rubber, wood and many other hard materials. Its unique design reduces bouncing and provides smooth easy writing while operating at 7,200 strokes per minute. Stroke adjusts to vary depth of mark. The engraver includes a carbide-tipped point for normal markings and a diamond point is available for engraving extra-hard materials.