A stunning series of showroom quality posters featuring natural stone marketing messages is the latest offering from the Marble Institute of America (MIA). “These products help stone professionals educate consumers while promoting marble, granite, limestone, travertine and other natural stone products in their showrooms,” said Gary Distelhorst, executive vice president of the nearly 1,800-member worldwide organization.
Two posters highlight stone as “A Genuine Slice of Nature” with a caption that includes the following statement, “Natural stone comes the way nature has created it over millions of years. After it is quarried, blocks of stone are cut, polished and custom-fabricated for kitchens, baths, floors and other residential and commercial applications. Every piece is natural. Every piece is unique.”
One poster features a scientist with the periodic table of elements as a backdrop. The caption reads, “If Mother Nature only knew what they are calling ‘natural’.”
A “Natural Stone #1 in Value” poster highlights award-winning bathroom and kitchen projects. Summarized below the images are results from a recent report conducted by Remodeling Magazine showing that upscale bathroom remodels recoup 85.6% of its cost at resale, and upscale kitchen remodels recoup 80.3%.
The “Granite Countertops: #1 in Cleanability” poster features a full-color photograph of fresh vegetables on a beautiful granite countertop. Summarized below the image are results from two recent studies that found granite to be #1 in cleanability when tested against stainless steel, laminate, wood and other countertop surfaces.
Another “From the Quarry to the Kitchen” poster tells the story of natural stone – how it emerges from quarries around the world and is transformed into a thing of beauty.
With the addition of these six eye-catching showroom posters, MIA boasts a wide range of point-of-sale materials, books and other materials to assist in the showroom marketing process.
Suitable for framing (standard frame size 22 x 28 feet), the new six-poster showroom set is priced at $90 for MIA members and $150 for non-members. The posters can be ordered on the MIA Web site, www.marble-institute.com, or by calling 440-250-9222. (Posters shipped in tubes.)