Invented by F. Barkow President John Weise, the Backsplash Caddy is designed to hold three backsplash sections, each up to 8 inches long. When bolted to the bed of a cargo van or pickup truck, the Backsplash Caddy was designed to be a safe, simple low-profile way to store and transport backsplashes. Features include:

• All-aluminum construction
• Will hold three backsplash sections, up to 8 inches long (24-inch storage potential)
• Designed to hold 2-cm and/or 3-cm backsplash
• 94 inches long; fits in a cargo van or the back of a pickup truck (includes mounting hardware)
• Rear loadstop; opens from the front
• “Trim-Lok” on top edges ensures that the stone never touches metal; rubber matting cushions the stone and minimizes movement during transport

Installation notes:
• Very important: before bolting the Caddy to the bed of the truck, locate the gas tank to avoid puncture.
• That the Caddy has six “feet” protruding from the sides (three on each side). It is not necessary to bolt all six “feet” to the bed of the truck. Alternating from side to side will suffice.
• Once you have positioned the Caddy in the best position for use (and avoiding the gas tank), line up the pilot holes in the Caddy “feet” over the spots where you will be drilling. Mark the spot on the truck bed that lines up with the pilot holes on the Caddy.
• Drill each hole for mounting the Caddy. Place the Caddy over the drilled holes. For each hole, you will need one each of the bolt, nut, lock washer, and two of the flat washers. Place the first flat washer on the bolt, and insert the bolt into the hole. From beneath the truck, slide first the flat washer, then the lock washer and finally the nut onto the bottom of the bolt. Tighten down, and repeat in as many places as you’ve decided to mount the Caddy.