Stone World Magazine’s popular Stone Fabrication Workshops are set to take place in the Southwestern U.S. A new course curriculum was developed for the 2007 Stone Fabrication Workshops, and it was based on specific issues raised by North American stone fabricators. Each presenter made extensive use of visuals, showing ‘real life’ examples of stone fabrication shops and techniques to offer participants an illustration of the points being raised during the various sessions.
Speakers include recognized industry experts, Kevin Padden, Fred Hueston and Mark Lauzon, who have spoken at major industry events around the country. Topics include:
· Shop layout and expansion (including machinery additions)
· Air & Water Systems
· Material handling and safety issues (with OSHA updates)
· Efficient use of hand tools
· Fabricating engineered stone - challenges and solutions
· Working with resin-treated slabs
· Templating (including digital and hard templates)
· Purchasing and implementing CNC technology
· Understanding machinery costs
· The digitally integrated shop (competing with large “stone production plants”)
· Top/seam polishing
The final session of the Workshop is an ‘Open Forum’ with all three speakers. This allows attendees to raise topics of their own for the panel, as well as to expand on the points raised during the day’s presentation.
After the Workshop, attendees are able to speak with the presenters as well as the event sponsors -- many of whom are also considered to be industry experts -- at a Networking Reception that includes complimentary cocktails and snacks.
At their most recent edition in the North West, the Stone World Fabrication Workshops were overwhelmingly positive with their feedback on the event. Positive ratings were received from experienced fabricators with decades of experience as well as relatively new stoneworking professionals. In filling out the attendee survey, most participants awarded the Workshop with the highest possible marks. “The workshop added much knowledge to my base,” stated one attendee at the Seattle Workshop, who reported having 10 years of experience in the trade. Another attendee at the same Workshop stated, “The personal experiences they shared helped explain their points and demonstrate their knowledge.” Of particular note, the CNC presentation was praised by a range of industry veterans, including specific stone fabricators with 15, 18 and 23 years of experience, among others.
Dates for the next workshops will be
· September 10 - Los Angeles/North Hollywood, CA
· September 11 - Anaheim, CA
· September 13 - Phoenix, AZ
Registration for the Workshops, which includes a continental breakfast, lunch, cocktail/networking reception and course materials, is $195. For more information on the Stone Fabrication Workshops, visit or call 1-888-530-6714.