EL HARIS, EGYPT -- A large plant, covering a total area of about 20,000 square meters, will be soon finished by Pedrini in El Haris in the Egyptian Sinai. Sina Tiles Marble and Granite, belonging to Dorgham Group Companies -- one of the major Egyptian producers of marble -- has purchased the plant, which has been designed in cooperation with Pedrini technical division.
The plant includes a bridge crane with 150 meters of track ways (rails) that, to aid the flow of materials being processed, develops in parallel to a group of three sheds side by side, housing the productive department, for a total covered area of about 4,500 square meters. The cutting department is housed in the first shed next to the bridge crane, the slab puttying and polishing department is located in the second shed, while the finishing line for maximum 650-mm-wide floors and tiles is located in the third shed.
The single departments are equipped with the following machinery. The cutting department includes two gangsaws with 80 blades GS131 and four block cutters M586, with a yearly productive capacity of about 300,000 square meters of slabs and about 200,000 square meters of tiles and other products. The Pedrini GS 131 gangsaws are featured by systems with opposed control arms for the rectilinear guide of the blade-holder frame, and ensure smooth and frictionless movements resulting in a long and serviceless life. The slab finishing line is composed of a pre-polishing machine and polishing machine Galaxy B220 that stands out due to the use of exclusive technologies ensuring high performance, connected with a system of ovens and conveyors for the drying, puttying and resin hardening. Each machine is connected with a PC, enabling the “touch screen” programming and the management of all operating functions.
The rotor spindles -- manufactured as enbloc systems with vertical sliding controlled by counter-pressure -- operate the polishing heads and feature a direct motorization without transmission belt, eliminating every radial stress on the bearings, increasing their life significantly and eliminating maintenance interventions. The special structure of the rotor spindles has large diameter pipes operating in still position at the spindle center for the tool lubrication, without movable connections and, thus, with no risk of dangerous water leaks.
The soft and even action of the highly technological multidirectional joint connecting the spindle to the polishing head, and a perfect and easy centering system to the processing plane, optimize the tool work and ensure top-quality and productive levels. The finishing line for floors and tiles includes a gauging/pre-polishing section Supernova B065, a set of ovens and conveyors for the puttying operation, a polishing machine Supernova B065, an automatic crosscutting machine and a chamfering machine.
To ensure high long-term quality, productivity and reliability levels, the machines of the series Supernova B065 are equipped with rotor spindles as well.
The realization of this plant, with its winning technologies, consolidates the protagonist role of the Pedrini lines in the marble production and ensures Sina Tiles a high competitive level for the next several years, according to Pedrini.