Thickness Corrector Tool (TC)

ITI Diamond Tools has developed the patent-pending Thickness Corrector Tool (TC) for portable routers, which eliminates stone slab thickness variation. The unique design of this tool allows a fabricator to create a consistent thickness along the stone slab with one quick pass. This will increase the life and effectiveness of a stone-profiling bit, and give fabricators results of the finest craftsmanship, according to ITI Diamond Tools. The TC will also ensure that the adjoining pieces of a stone project are the same thickness at installation. The TC is manufactured using a layer of advanced metal bond (sintered) with the highest quality diamond for high-performance and long life, reports ITI Diamond Tools. Simply mount the TC Tool onto the portable router spindle, align the top of the stone surface with the spindle spacer and run the portable router from left to right. The TC Tool is suitable on 3 cm and 4 cm slabs, and fits on most popular routers, including Ghines Sector, Master 3000 Series and others.