Thibaut is now distributing a new leaflet highlighting the company's T 818 Access l. Throughout its 22 pages, readers will discover Thibaut's latest technology and know-how for stone processing in the CNC field.

Today, with the solution T 818 Access,Thibaut offers a full range of CNC stoneworking centers. The “Access” generation solves time and organizational problems with a sharp offer on global production lines.

The T 818 Access range is also a complete solution for meeting customers' needs, as it offers one or two tables, different working capacities, the ability to hold 90 tools and a laser for vacuum positioning - every function possible on a four-axes center, reports Thibaut.
Circle No. 321

International Granite & Marble Corp. (IGM)recently distributed a product catalog, featuring images of the company's materials, including varieties of granite, marble, limestone and travertine. The catalog also highlights several of the company's most prominent projects, such as the Gaylord Texas Resort & Convention Center, InterContinental Hotel at Cleveland Clinic, New Jersey Eye Clinic and the Borgata Hotel and Casino, among others. Additionally, the publication shows black and white images of the company's original headquarters in Italy as well as the original quarry. The opposite page illustrates color images of one of the company's new facilities, slab warehouse and showroom.
Circle No. 320

A pamphlet highlighting integrated water recycling and abrasive removal systems is now available fromCalypso Waterjet Systemsof Dallas, TX. It explains how users can make the Calypso Waterjet System more efficient by adding the Calypso Chilling System to the shop, optimizing pump operation and reducing water consumption. According to the pamphlet, the system is used to cool the hydraulics on the high-pressure pump, and offers an “easy” touch digital control panel that alarms if certain parameters for flow and pressure are not met. The company reports that the Chilling System can cut costs by reducing water consumption by 75% minimum and reducing evaporation. The pamphlet also contains information on the company's Water Recycling System (WRS), which is designed to continuously filter and recycle the water required to operate the waterjet cutting system. Lastly, the brochure discusses the Calypso Abrasive Removal System, which is engineered to continuously remove the spent abrasive that accumulates. According to the company, this eliminates the periodic cleaning of the tank, which in turn reduces downtime, increases production and reduces operating costs.
Circle No. 319