W.F. Meyers Co. products seek to improve stone cutting, this time with their disposable LO-DI muffler and Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) End Mill. Both products are designed to make stonework faster and quieter.

“At W.F. Meyers, we’re proud to introduce two new products both designed to improve the art of stone cutting; the LO-DI muffler which greatly reduces noise from pneumatic tools and the PCD End Mill which is adaptable to a variety of shank lengths,” said Ken Barnes, president of W.F. Meyers Co.

Designed for use with pneumatic tools only, the new LO-DI muffler, weighing just 13 ounces, effectively reduces sound levels by 25% without restricting air flow or horse power, reports W.F. Meyers.

Adaptable to a variety of shank lengths, the newly improved PCD End Mill ensures the proper length shank for every job. Unlike segmental grinding tools, which change shape over time, PCD tools retain shape with every use providing the same cut job after job.

“W.F. Meyers PCD tooling provides our company reliability, durability and performance to maximize our productivity,” said Brad Mobley, President of Indiana Limestone Fabricators, Inc.